Although metal roofing is known for its durability and reliability, there comes a time your sturdy companion shows signs it requires replacement. Metal roofs are not impervious to damage, and even though your manufacturer promised a few decades of service, the material will experience wear and tear over time. Before you feel cheated by the advertising that sold you your metal roof, it is crucial to note that no matter how properly maintained and guaranteed any roofing material is, harsh elements and debris will make it deviate from expected results. Knowing the signs that you need a roof replacement is important to protecting your valuable investment from additional problems as a homeowner. Here are three signs you need a metal roof replacement. 

Presence of Rust 

One of the most common problems with metal roofs is rusting. Even with a roof made of high-quality steel, moisture and oxygen make rusting simply an unavoidable problem with metal roofs. Rust will occur more quickly in homes near salty water by the seaside, and given enough time, your entire roof can fall apart and disintegrate. As such, rust is a major cause for concern and one of the clearest signs your metal roof requires replacing. 

Loose Metal Panels 

With continued use and exposure to elements, roof panels may become warped or loose, allowing leaks to penetrate your home. Panels will often loosen due to strong winds or windy storms, leading to gouges and punctures. Once you spot several loose panels, call in a qualified roofer to assess the condition of your roof and determine whether you need a total or partial roof replacement. 

Sagging Roof 

Since a metal roof is tough by nature and highly durable, it typically doesn't experience sagging, but it is cause for concern when it does. If your metal roof is sagging, it could threaten the stability of your roofing system and could indicate a larger problem with the installation or supporting systems. The best solution for a sagging roof is a roof replacement and framing reinforcement to avoid structural damage to your home. 

Inspecting Your Roof 

Scheduling a roof inspection with a fully trained roofer is one of the best ways to determine if your roof needs replacing. Metal roofing professionals can quickly identify problems with your roofing system, including checking the most important parts of your roof, such as gutter and roof plumbing. If need be, they will replace worn-out gutters and plumbing altogether for a stronger functional roof.