If you need to protect your house, hire roof replacement services as soon as possible. But how much will this project cost you? Surprisingly, reroofing does cost more than installing a new roof since the contractors need to remove the old structure before they can embark on the installation of the new one. Keep reading to help you discern how much you can expect to pay for residential roof replacement.

1. What type of roof are you replacing?

There are two main considerations that you should have when it comes to the type of roof you are switching out for a new one. the first is the materials that your previous roof made up of and the second is the roofing design. Slate, for instance, is one of the most expensively priced roofing materials so this will be pricey to replace. Additionally, slate is heavy and this makes it challenging to work with, which could inflate your overall re-roofing costs.

If you are looking to keep your expenses low, you may want to consider materials such as concrete tiles or asphalt shingles since these not only cheap to source but are not complicated to install. In terms of roof design, the more intricate this structure is, the more labour intensive it will be to remove the roofing materials and install new ones. Gabled roofs, as an example, would have a higher reroofing price tag than their flat roof counterparts would.

2. How accessible is the roof and what additions do you want?

The second aspects that will affect the cost of your roof replacement project are how accessible the structure will be to your roofing contractors as well as the installation of any additions that you may want. Site access can be affected by several things. For starters, if your roof is surrounded by multiple trees, it makes it challenging for the roofing contractors to comfortably make their way onto the roof while simultaneously carrying their tools.

Alternatively, if your property comprises multiple storeys, the roof will be higher up than an average house and this could warrant the use of specialised equipment. When it comes to additions, you could be looking to install improvements on your roof that will be beneficial in the long term. Solar panels, for instance, are a common addition that homeowners request during a roof replacement project.

To learn more, ask roof replacement companies for quotes.