Prefabricated timber wall frames make the roofing process much easier in a number of ways. Here are a few reasons why many roofers have embraced this fast and convenient method of construction.

1. Build a Base You Can Rely On

Building a strong base is the first step in constructing a roof that will last for many years. Prefabricated timber wall frames are designed with strength in mind. They offer excellent durability and a base you can rely on. As the frames are constructed using a standard process, their strength and durability are very consistent, so you should not end up facing a bill for unexpected repairs.

2. Keep Costs Low

Many people opt for prefabricated wall frames because they need to stick to a strict budget. Prefabrication reduces the amount of work that must be done to prepare frames at the construction site, which means that labour costs can be kept to a minimum. Instead of being made at the site, prefabricated wall frames are produced in a highly efficient off-site process, with very little waste and a high level of optimisation to keep costs low. As labour costs are a significant factor in the total cost of the average construction project, using prefabricated timber wall frames is a great way to ensure you stick to your budget.

3. Use Prefabricated Wall Frames in Any Project

One big advantage of prefabricated wall frames is their versatility. You can use prefabricated frames in a broad range of projects, even those that feature unusual roof designs. Roofers typically have experience of working with prefabricated wall frames in a range of different projects so they can use them to construct roofs that last for many years.

4. Save Space on Small Construction Sites

Storing timber or wood logs for the on-site construction of a timber frame can take up an inconveniently large amount of space on a small site. Prefabricated frames remove the need for storage entirely, as you can arrange for them to be transported to the site right before they are used. They are designed to be as easy and inexpensive as possible to transport.

5. Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Timber wall frames are an ideal choice if you plan to leave the frame of your building visible. You can get prefabricated frames that are designed with aesthetics in mind, with beautiful wood grain. This natural appearance perfectly fits contemporary styles of home construction.

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