If you intend to update the exterior of your home, it's always advisable to start with the roof. The kind of roof you choose can determine how outstanding and stylish your home will be. If your neighbours have asphalt shingle roofs, you may consider installing a tile roof to make your home unique. Tile roofs aren't just practical; they have many other benefits.

They Make Your Home Energy Efficient

If you are more focused on having an energy-efficient and adequately insulated home, a tile roof is a perfect solution for you. Clay tiles are the best to use because they reflect most of the heat from the sun that the asphalt shingles. 

A roof with clay tiles also allows natural airflow and efficient heat transfer. By enhancing heat transfer, a tile roof will keep the home warm when the cold days come and cool during summer. With such increased energy efficiency, your energy bills will also go down.

They Are Fire Resistant

Tile roofs have a high fire rating, and that's why they don't easily burn. And since the tile roof is incombustible, your home will not burn down when a lightning storm, wildfire or brushfire strikes. 

Moreover, when you install a tile roof, its high fire rating might reduce the fire insurance rates, helping you to save more money. You can't compare the safety of your family with anything else, and that's why you should install a tile roof to keep your property and family safe when a fire erupts.

They Maintain a Unique Architectural Design

If you want your home to be worth more, you should maintain and update it in a way that complements its original architectural design or style. Tile roofs are more authentic, and they perfectly pair with the entire design of your home. A tile roof doesn't just make a home look gorgeous, but it also makes it appear unified.

They Are Easy to Maintain

Asphalt roofs require high maintenance that some homeowners aren't able to offer. However, a tile roof is easy to maintain because the tiles rarely get damaged. Even if some tiles get damaged, it's easier to repair them because you just swap out the damaged tiles individually without interfering with the other tiles. Furthermore, repairing a tile roof is relatively cheap and easy.

If you are still searching for a roof that will perfectly suit your home and last for many years, then install a tile roof. Tile roofs are energy efficient, easy to maintain, fire-resistant and have a stylish architectural design. Reach out to a professional to learn more about tile roofs