Shingles are one of the most common roofing materials because of their affordability, versatility and, most importantly, they come in a broad range of materials, which include slate, metal, wood, plastic, fibre, ceramic and asphalt, among others.

Therefore, whether your roof needs repairing, or you just need a new roof, you have a wide variety of roofing shingle materials to choose from. It can be quite daunting deciding the right type of shingles to buy for your house. However, you do not have to worry because here are some of the material angles to take into account while doing comparisons before you can decide on the perfect shingle type for your house.

Keep reading to find out your perfect match shingles material.

1. The Fibreglass or Organic Shingles Angle?

While some shingles are made of fibreglass, others originate from organic matter; therefore, the answer depends on your angle towards promoting the environment.

For those who are green-minded, organic shingles are the direction to take; they are wonderful insulators, and they are strong as compared to other shingles.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of energy efficiency, probably your preferred choice of shingles is those manufactured from fiberglass as they will reflect the sun rays.

2. The Asphalt Angle

Most homeowners go for asphalt shingles because they are light, easy and cheaper to install, as well as last for a long period before they can require repair or replacement. What is more, asphalts can stand most weather situations as they are resistant.

3. The Metal Angle

If you love neatness that lasts for a very long time, then you have to try metal shingles, as they will serve you for a couple of decades. Even though metal shingles are expensive, their installation and maintenance costs are bearable.

4. The Architectural Angle

If you wish for a varicoloured appearance on your roof, then the architectural shingles that consist of more profound colours will deliver your wish. These types of shingles are a perfect match for heritage buildings or older buildings that require renovations to conserve them for historical purposes.

The aforementioned angles are some of the common angles you can consider while searching for roofing shingles; however, other material aspects can help you do a comparison before choosing the perfect roof shingles that match your house. It is a wise idea to visit a reputable dealer to give you more information and maybe help you make the right choice.

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