Restoring your roof can sometimes mean nothing more than giving it a fresh coat of paint. That doesn't just improve a roof's appearance – it also provides a protective layer against future damage. However, you shouldn't paint your roof without first hiring a pressure washer to give it a good clean. It might seem like a waste of time to pressure clean a roof that's about to get painted, but it's a step you shouldn't ignore.

Here are just four reasons why.

1. Create a Smoother Surface

If you paint your roof without pressure washing it, the surface isn't going to be as smooth as it could have been due to all the dirt and dust you didn't get rid of. That produces a less attractive appearance and makes it harder to apply paint in the first place. It's smarter to create a smoother surface by pressure washing before you start.

2. Get Rid of Mould Before Covering

Painting your roof provides an additional protective layer, but you need to make sure there's nothing caught underneath it before it goes on. Mould is a common problem since it can get into cracks, resist light washing, and get caught beneath new paint. It will then die, give off moisture, and potentially leave cracks in your paint or even damage the roof's structural integrity. Pressure washers are powerful enough to get rid of all such nasties.

3. Improve the Final Appearance

While painting your roof offers great practical benefits, most people most look forward to peering up at a roof that looks better than it used to – few things increase curb appeal like painting an older roof. You can count on a better final appearance when you ensure the roof is spotlessly clean before you start painting. Anything from a little bit of bird droppings to dried dirt can discolour the paint as it goes on. You might not notice when you're first adding paint, but you'll see the splotches as your roof dries.

4. Longer-Lasting Results

Painting a roof often takes more time and effort than people expect. As such, it's something you'll want to do as infrequently as possible, and that means working your best to ensure the new paint job will last for years to come. One of the best ways to do that is by pressure washing the roof beforehand. When you get rid of all the grime that's covering your roof, the paint will actually adhere to the surface more fully. That means it should last considerably longer.

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