Not all homes come equipped with a pair of gutters. A previous home owner might have removed the gutters due to damage or probably didn't have a system installed. A gutter-less home can place your house and family at risk.  

Gutters prevent damage to your windows and doors and safeguard your home by funneling water from the roof and out of your house. If you recently bought a home with no gutters or one with a busted system, you might be placing your home at risk.

Installing guttering in your new home could prevent these problems from occurring down the road.

Roof damage

A gutter system is installed to funnel away water from your roof. The lack of a gutter system can lead to many troubles on your roof. Without gutters, rain water is bound to collect on your roof, causing roof damage, flooding and interior damage. A flooded roof can also lead to mould, which attracts more bugs to your home.

Damage to your siding

Gutters direct water away from your home rather than allowing it to fall along the sides. A lack of gutters can lead to paint damage, staining or rotting of your home's siding. Additionally, moist siding promotes mould and mildew growth.

Foundation damage

Even a strong and a sturdy foundation can't stand the damage that arises from water exposure. Lack of a gutter system allows water to pour and pool around the foundation. Over time, water that collects around your foundation will cause cracks that could potentially result in collapse.

Also, water washes away the top soil of your foundation, leaving the base of your house exposed.

Pest infestation

Without a gutter system, water will collect under your roof, creating the perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and other unwanted insects. Also, the foundation damage caused by water leaves your basement vulnerable to mice and rats, not to mention other bugs pooling water attracts.

Basement flooding

Lack of a gutter system to direct water away from the base of your home could result in the basement or crawl space flooding. A flooded basement can lead to significant structural damage and also attract the unwanted pests mentioned above.

Landscape damage  

When water spills over from your roof, it often lands on your flower beds and the shrubs that surround the base of your home.

You can avoid these damages by installing a gutter system in your new home. Also, make sure to update a worn-out gutter system to protect your new home from water damage.