A complete roof replacement for any home can sometimes be expensive, which is why some homeowners might put off having this work done for as long as possible. However, your home's roof is part of its insulation, and it also protects the home's framework and building materials from water damage, mould and the like. This is why it's good to have the roof replaced when needed, and not when most of it blows off in a storm! If you're not sure about the condition of your own home's roof, note when it may be good to consider an entire replacement.


If you're always hearing the rain, howling winds, and other such noises from outside the home, this may mean that it's time to replace the roof. Roof shingles may have gotten very thin and brittle over the years so that they don't provide much noise insulation, or the materials under those shingles may have also gotten somewhat worn down and thin.

While you may be thinking that you can just put up with that noise, those worn and aged materials are probably also not properly insulating and protecting your home. Once outside noises can be heard from under the roof, it's time to have it inspected and evaluated for a full replacement.


If you're thinking of adding to your home or remodelling in any way, you may want to consider a new roof as part of those plans. A lightweight roofing material, such as metal or plastic shingles, can mean that you will need fewer load-bearing walls and other supportive pieces under the roof and throughout the home. If you want to add a patio during the remodel, you might include a roof extension as part of the work so that the patio has some shade; to ensure all the roofing materials match, it's good to think about having the entire roof replaced at the same time as having that extension constructed.

Outside upgrades

If you've upgraded or done any work to the outside of your home, such as having new cladding added or having the home painted, this can actually call attention to an old and outdated roof! Worn and faded shingles may look even more drab against new siding or cladding, or they may clash with fresh, new paint. To ensure the home always looks its best and that nothing detracts from other upgrades, consider a new roof at the same time as that cladding or paint job.